Creative Minds – What to do?

Creative Minds - What to do about conflict

Creative people are fascinating, complicated, frustrating … and oh, so necessary!

Creative individuals often have a hard time communicating to others what they are seeing (unless its other Creatives.)

Communicating an ideaImagine visualizing something that has never existed before, and then trying to describe it to people who have never seen it, or who do not have a vocabulary to even understand the concept?

Creative Minds – Focusing On Focusing

Creative Minds - Focusing

When a creative mind is flowing with creativity, the focus becomes creating, not focusing.

Focusing on creating and focusing on focusing are NOT the same activities.

Just talk to any Creative who is bursting with ideas and concepts. The more they speak, the more they imagine, the bigger the vision becomes, and the more complicated to the listeners, unless they too are creative.

Communication, Conversation and Listening, is a Gift

Learning how to communicate

Learning how to be a better listener, communicator and conversationalist, isn’t rocket science. The key is being curious and other-focused.

If it’s so easy, why do most of us fail so miserably at it?

ListeningSpeaking to a young wife regarding her troubled marriage, she threw up her hands and said, “He never listens to me!” She determined to ask all of her friends, what their greatest frustration was in their marriages. Without surprise, they all replied, “My husband doesn’t listen to me!”