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Creative Consultation through graphic recording

Shannon Parish, Visual Consultant

After years of juggling the varied aspects of who I am and how I approach life, the pieces began to come together in one beautiful, complete picture.

Because of my artistic skill, years of ministry work, teaching mentoring and writing, I discovered an ability that has not only set me free to be who I am, but those who I mentor and consult with.

I specialize in creating visual and verbal pictures to facilitate clarity, vision, hope, inspiration, identify passion and purpose and self worth.

Utilizing the concepts of personality and motivational differences, I have a unique way of identifying patterns of thought and intention in individuals and companies which impact relationships, and intended results.

My ability to visualize thoughts, ideas, concepts and patterns and visually interpret them with humor is fun, surprising and reveals answers in ways that you can't begin to imagine ...

Iím available for visual consultation with individuals, teams, hands-on workshops, seminars and keynotes which will bring a sense of humor and creativity to your event as well as deliver punch and slap-your-forehead understanding.

ďAll individuals have the right to be celebrated, not just tolerated, understanding your groups dynamics will help them to discover their own individual worth and value as well as those they live, play and work with.Ē - Shannon

Illustrating Your Potential -  Illustrating Your Expertise - Illustrating You!

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