You Are Defined By What You Do and Who You Surround Yourself With

Unless we are intentional about our choices in life, we are not making decisions consciously but unconsciously.

When we react instead of act in life, we are reacting to the meanings we’ve put to things that are causing us pain.Woman reclining and thinking

Those ‘things’ are the ever-running, non-stop, negative tapes that each of us struggle with internally.

Notice who you have surrounded yourself with in your life. What are the results that you are getting and are you where you want to be?


Snap Shot

Before you can set a plan in place, you need a good snapshot, or mental picture of where you want to go and what you want to accomplish.

Not all people have a solid dream or goal in mind when they first come to speak with me. They just know that they aren’t happy with their life – in what ever area that may be.