Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place!

Are you stuck between a rock and a hard place?

Changing the perception of where you are right now, will reveal better options in moving forward successfully and creatively.

However, too many times we are so close to our situation, we just can’t see any way out. ┬áThat’s when a skilled Life Coach is just the person to call.

Creative Minds – Timing is Everything

Learn how to work with two opposite power types when working on your project.

I’d like to introduce you to two power types you must have on your team.

Apples and OrangesWhether they are involved as service providers, partners, or outside counsel, these two “power people” will help to keep your project moving, IF you understand their powers – and what the timing is to have them step in for their input.

Creative Minds – What to do?

Creative people are fascinating,┬ácomplicated, frustrating … and oh, so necessary!

Creative individuals often have a hard time communicating to others what they are seeing (unless its other Creatives.)

Communicating an ideaImagine visualizing something that has never existed before, and then trying to describe it to people who have never seen it, or who do not have a vocabulary to even understand the concept?