Group Coaching

Creative Group Coaching

People sitting together, creatively brainstorming

Group Coaching is centered around a specific topic that is of interest to the group as a whole. Resources may be utilized as well as visual tools including graphic recordings.

This collaborative journey of discovery not only provides concrete answers but also cultivates a deeper sense of connection and understanding among participants. It fosters an environment where curiosity thrives, enabling individuals to expand their thinking, challenge assumptions, and embrace transformative change.

In essence, this process of facilitation and group synergy brings immense enrichment to the lives of all participants. It offers a comprehensive and transformative experience that goes beyond personal growth alone. It provides an opportunity to venture into new territories, uncover hidden potentials, and foster both individual and collective growth.

Creative Facilitation

Creative facilitation is similar to brainstorming, but it’s so much more … because I add a visual element to it that is fun, interesting and thought-provoking.  Call me to schedule a  one-on-one session with you, your leadership team, employees, or family …

Experience the opportunity to free-flow your thoughts regarding events, ideas, dreams, and desired goals that you and/or your leaders or attendees find yourself juggling.

As you or your attendees speak, I’m identifying common thoughts and ideas, and visually drawing them while you speak.

Graphic Recording on the topic of research

Who can benefit from these sessions?

. . . A man that had been frustrated that he could never finish anything, sat before me and began to talk about his frustration regarding his perceived failures in life. As he talked, it became clear that what he was viewing as weaknesses, were in fact valuable assets. By repositioning his thinking regarding his strengths, he changed his focus and became a consultant to start up businesses.

. . . A woman who had raised her children and no longer felt valued as a contributing partner in her marriage began to describe her life as it was in the past and as it was now. Identifying common threads in motivation and talents, I drew identifying images and visual results of the meaning of her life. Recognizing that she had value in who she was renewed her purpose and strength and uncovered a forgotten talent that she could turn into cash as a work-at-home business.

Many times, we are so familiar with our thoughts – especially the negative ones – that we don’t see what is obvious to others. Seeing images, keywords and phrases from those thoughts on paper in front of you, brings hidden strengths to the surface and reveals negative thoughts that keep them suppressed.

Taking home the graphic recording and framing it to place on the wall is a constant reminder of the individuals worth and purpose. It in fact, becomes a personal “Goal Board” straight from the heart.

Group Creative Facilitation Session

Tapping into the synergy of everyone in the room, examples, thoughts, ideas and concepts are drawn on a board at the front of the room to maximize the brainstorming session.


  1.   One gentleman who had a stroke asked for brainstorming on how best to become independent in his own home.
  2.   Another had an invention and wanted brainstorming on raising the money to fulfill a giant order from a major retail outlet.
  3.   One woman wanted feedback on the title of her new book.
  4.  One woman wanted feedback regarding how get more time to herself while taking care of a sick loved one.
  5.   One woman I know is looking for a used dryer for a sick neighbor. She might ask where she could get one.
  6.   Still another woman asked for ideas on how to stay in touch with her new grandbabies as they grew up – in other states – so that she could still be a vital part of their life.

The list and reasons for drawing upon the synergy that is created by a room full of people is varied and unlimited.


Your turn on the hot seat. You have two minutes to present your question/problem or issue to the room.

The rest of the people will now spend 8-13 minutes brainstorming and throwing out ideas which you have the option of writing down. Don’t worry about making any decisions – you’re just collecting ideas right now. When you are home, you can review your list later.

Each person takes a turn. Because of the 8-15 minute limit on brainstorming, it is important to come prepared with your issue.

You are also welcome to come as a guest.  The ideas are flying around freely – bet you catch one! Naturally, you are always welcome to join in on the fun.  (Not everyone has a chance to be on the hot-seat – That’s why its important to R.S.V.P.!) 

The purpose of a Creative Coaching Session is to give you the opportunity to free-flow your thoughts regarding events, ideas, dreams and desired goals that you find yourself juggling without focus. As you speak, I’m identifying common thoughts and ideas, and visually drawing them while you speak.