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The following programs are available for both coaching or speaking events.

3_MagicBeans-33 Magic Beans

(recommended for first group coaching event)

Launching from the famous, childhood fairy tale of Jack and the Beanstalk, this workshop focuses on the three areas of life that we are all given at birth, and which must be balanced, in order to get the results we desire.

If we aren’t getting the results we wanted … then we’re lying to ourselves about what we think our intentions are. To uncover the truth, we have to look at what the pay off is for what we are doing, and how to redirect our efforts for a healthier outcome.

Fun, interactive, visual … and easy to remember for long lasting change and growth.


More Group Coaching Topics …   

Are you building dreams or overcoming nightmares? These topics and more are used to facilitate group coaching sessions and workshops.

“I just wanted to thank you for sharing your wisdom … Your insights to leadership and interpersonal skills made so much sense to me.  I have read a lot about people and leadership skills but I truly enjoyed your delivery as well as your clear message… Thanks again and I truly hopPreprogram

e that I get the opportunity to hear your further teaching.” – V. B.

Understanding What Makes Your Inner Child and Outer Child … and Every Other Child, Tick

Every person alive was born with a personality unique to them.  What happens to a child as they grow if their personality is not understood by those in a position of authority? Learn how your personality can affect your child for the good…and for the bad.

What messages are sent to them regarding their value?  Learn how you can not only understand the personality and motivations that make up you, but also discover as well, those people around you and why you need them in your life. These sessions introduce attendees to various personality tools and utilizes Shannon’s original cartoons in an easy to understand VISUAL tool to help attendees remember basic, important characteristics and thoughts.

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How to: Rediscover Your Beating Heart – “Uncovering Passion, Purpose and Person.”

How to pump new purpose and meaning into your life. Stop the oppressing downward spiral of hopelessness and wilderness living that come from doing what you’ve always done and never getting you where you want to go.

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Beauty’s Affair with The Beast

Throw the covers off of the mystery in what’s driving your man and making you crazy! Exposing the  forces behind what makes men and women unique and maddening at the same time.

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Unraveling the Mysteries that Sink the Ship in Relationship

  • Individual personalities
  • Motivational gifts
  • What one lacks the other has
  • Creating team
  • Career counseling
  • Why the frustration?

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Who Picks up the Pieces After the Storm Has Hit?

  • When crisis hits leadership
  • Who restores the ‘others’
  • Bringing understanding to workers
  • Restoring drive and motivation

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Intent and Results

Not getting the results that you had hoped or thought you intended to get? Perhaps your intentions aren’t what you thought they were.  This program identifies the various ways we deceive ourselves into believing we are on the right track, when in fact we are way off course.  Get back on course by throwing off the covers to what’s really happening in your life and workplace!

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