Coaching Programs

The following programs are based upon metaphors and visual clues to help assist in deeper understanding

A bag of lima beans lay open with three beans on the table

Balance Your Life for Success

Based on Jack and the Beanstalk, this workshop helps you balance the three areas of life to achieve your goals.

  • Identify your true intentions.
  • Understand the payoffs of your actions.
  • Redirect your efforts for healthier outcomes.

Personality – Gift or Curse?

Understand your inner child, outer child, and everyone else’s personality to improve your relationships and life.

  • Learn how your personality affects you and your child.
  • Discover the messages sent to you about your value.
  • Understand the personality and motivations of yourself and others.
The silouette of a person with outstretched arms is seen standing along the water's edge, their reflection appearin below them as they raise their arms to the rising sun.

Rediscovering YOU

Rediscover your passion, purpose, and person to live a more meaningful life.

  • Stop feeling lost and hopeless.
  • Start living a life you love.
  • Learn how to reframe your perceptions
  • Craft a different life story
  • Experience restoration in unexpected ways
Vintage book illustration of the Beauty and the Beast

Beauty’s Affair with The Beast

Throw the covers off of the mystery in what’s driving your man and making you crazy!

  • Expose the forces behind what makes men and women unique and maddening at the same time.
  • Identify what drove the beast to become what he was
  • Discover why the beauty fell in love with him and stuck it out
  • Are there really happy endings?

Shipwrecked Relationships

Certain myths are never questioned. It’s time to uncover those myths and take another look.
Do opposites attract? 

  • The three people we meet in each relationship.
  • What is it that you need that the other has?
  • Setting expectations.
  • Why triggers and frustrations are gold mines
  • Should I stay or should I go?
Aftermath of a street riot. Burning debris is in the foreground

Picking Up the Pieces

This course is geared towards Clergy and Leadership who are left to pick up the pieces within a congregational or institutional setting after the failures of previous leadership.

    • When crisis hits leadership
    • Who restores the ‘others’
    • Who restores YOU?
    • Bringing understanding to what happened
    • Rebuilding the dream

Intent and Results

Identify and overcome self-deception to achieve your goals, have better relationships, and enjoy peace, joy, and a simpler way of living.

  • Get different and desired results in life and work
  • Learn how to identify the difference between truth and deception
  • Identify the different ways we deceive ourselves, and how to get back on track.
A heap of luggage sits on a bench at the end of a bed draped with a coat, shoes and other items, in preparation for a trip.

Packing for the Journey

Prepare for life’s journey … and why we don’t, yet we prepare for trips and vacations.

    • Identify important patterns and timelines
    • What dynamics brought you to this particular path?
    • What preparations have you made or need?
    • Discover mentors and resources
    • Identify like-minded fellow travelers
    • Share the wealth