A small plant grows out of a crack in a gray rock.
watercolor splashed painting of a woman's face. She is thinking.

It Begins with You ...

Whether you are creating a dream, recovering from a nightmare … or somewhere in between, you need someone to walk with you and help you make sense of your journey.

Life Coaching helps you understand beliefs and toxic thoughts that sabotage your progress while helping you to identify and achieve personal goals by offering guidance, support, and encouragement.  

Christian Leaders

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Helping Healers Heal

For Healers who are aware of their own limitations and desire to seek help when needed. Uncovering a hidden toxic system that is undermining wholeness.

Community Support

Three women walk hand-in-hand down a path together

Circles Journey Groups

Group coaching and community support.Your journey is your own and is respected, in this loving and supportive setting online and in person.

Inside a Child's Mind

A little girl gazes intently through binoculars at the world.

My Page a Day

Creative Life Coaching for parents who desire to understand the genius of their child while having fun with artistic activities and ColorBooks.