Creative Life Coaching

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Unidentified trauma triggers can disrupt your life, mental and emotional well-being, relationships, career, and health.

Shannon Parish, Creative Life Coach

Shannon Parish, Creative Christian Life Coach

Former After Pastor and Founder of Sarah’s Tent (The first online community for pastors’ wives and women in ministry, mentioned in TIME magazine in 2017)


As a Life Coach, I specialize in helping you identify and overcome various challenges such as blockages, bias, and belief systems that may be holding you back.

Together, we will work on hidden trauma recovery, freeing you from the role of a scapegoat, and uncovering the Authentic You.

As a Trauma Survivor myself as a scapegoat, I’ve learned that it is possible to forgive while setting boundaries. Forgiveness is much misunderstood, and the benefit is for those who forgive. (it’s not about dismissing the abuse as not being a big deal)¬†

Through forgiveness and releasing, we will let go of past burdens and identify toxic patterns that may be hindering your progress.

It’s time to reclaim your buried treasure and restore what was lost, leading to a more fulfilling and empowered life. Benefit from understanding, insights, and experience from someone who intimately comprehends the complex emotions, behaviors, and challenges faced by those who have experienced hidden abuse.

One-on-One Coaching

Comfortable one-on-one Creative Life Coaching

Personal Coaching offers a unique opportunity for transformation, where answers effortlessly unfold during a focused and productive session. It can be a powerful one-shot experience that leaves you inspired and motivated.

However, if you truly desire to unlock the long-term benefits that come from working with a Life Coach, it’s crucial to wholeheartedly invest in yourself and your desired outcomes. By making this commitment, you open yourself up to a journey of self-discovery and growth that goes far beyond merely achieving goals.

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  • After Pastors – are you one? Now what?
  • Reframing the “role/identity” of being a Pastor’s Wife
  • Church Crisis What REALLY happened?
  • Recovering from betrayal and/or disillusionment
  • Grief¬†