partial illustration of cartoon portraying a squashed lizard with a tire tread running over it.

Do you ever find yourself feeling like roadkill after being tossed about by life’s unexpected events … abandoned, and betrayed?

Are you struggling to understand everything you’re experiencing and searching for support … only to be unexpectedly hit hard again and again … leaving you unrecognizable on the roadside while the world moves on without noticing your struggle?

If this metaphor is resonating with you, it is vital to halt, reflect, and take stock of your experiences. Acknowledge your feelings and thoughts and begin to notice what you believe about them and how they make you feel so you can understand the stories swirling in your mind. Are you internalizing blame or pointing fingers?

A black and white photo of a depressed woman with a hopeless expression
Colored photo of a woman with a worried look, clenched hands to her face. She's thinking.


Abstract graphic of a map with a location pin hovering over it.

Picture those maps found in various locations that display the area’s layout with a ‘you are here’ marker identifying the place where you are standing. Because, without knowing your current position, finding your desired destination remains elusive.

Locating yourself begins with keen observation – noticing the pain, grief, anger, disillusionment, and confusion within. Take note of what you believe about yourself, your perceived limitations, and how you interact with others. These aspects offer clues to your current life perceptions and behaviors. If you feel like unrecognizable roadkill, it’s essential to reflect on your past actions, beliefs, and decisions that have led you here.

Without embracing new insights and adjusting your thought patterns, you are guaranteed to repeat these toxic patterns that are hindering the life you envision. Some individuals remain trapped in this cycle, letting life slip away. Still, others face incomprehensible trials and choose a different path – one of introspection, learning, and making transformative choices.

In my healing journey, I confronted toxic beliefs deeply ingrained by abusive systems that denied my worth and happiness. These falsehoods led me to self-doubt, feel guilty over setting boundaries, and fear success. The accumulation of small toxic beliefs can suffocate one’s spirit.

Scripture encourages focusing on truth, virtue, and positivity. It emphasizes the power of truth in setting us free. Differentiating between personal truths and deceptive beliefs is crucial for mental well-being. As we navigate life’s complexities from birth, we absorb societal messages that shape our self-worth and perceptions.

Each of us is on a unique journey of self-discovery and renewal or one of hopelessness and death. Renewing our minds, seeking evidence for our beliefs, and questioning what we hold as true are pivotal steps toward growth.

Failure to challenge ingrained beliefs can lead to stagnation rather than progress.

Sometimes it may be hard to think clearly enough to ask the productive questions that are necessary to rebuild our lives. This is where an empathetic coach steps in to help you observe and inquire within, walking alongside of you on this new path of discovery and wholeness.

As a Life Coach, I’m here to assist you one-on-one. I’ve also created a loving nonprofit community of women on a healing journey and I invite you to visit with us. Hearing from others without judgment or shame, and being supported in each step you take is priceless.