Shannon Parish, Creative Christian Life Coach

Think your dreams are locked in a vault labeled “unattainable”? Life Coaching cracks the code, one insight at a time until the door swings open and reality rewrites itself.

Change this moment and every moment after with Life Coaching that empowers and encourages you in what you thought was impossible.

Life coaching can help you achieve your goals, overcome your obstacles, and live the life you want. With the right coach, you can gain clarity about your goals, develop a plan to achieve them and build the confidence to take action.

Shannon offers a variety of life coaching, products and resources to help you navigate your way successfully. Her intuitive insights and encouragement come from experience, not theory.

Whether you’re looking for one-on-one coaching, online courses, or self-help tools, there is something for you.

Why the name, "Completed People"?

Because a natural outcome of intentionally crafting your own life and future unleashes your influence on others to follow your example.  “Completed People reach, restore, and release people, into their purpose and passion.”

When you find answers and see what a difference it makes to reclaim your life, you naturally share it with others.

“If one can put a thousand to flight – two can put ten thousand to flight.” 

Join a Compassionate and Loving Community

These nonprofit group coaching communities are a part of Living Stones Center. Your donations help others to receive Life Coaching, community support, and creative resources.

Sarah's Tent logo of a butterfly

Helping Healers Heal

For Healers who are aware of their own limitations and desire to seek help when needed. Support from others who understand the role that healthy leadership plays in creating a healthy community.

Circles Journey Groups logo

Circles Journey Groups

Your journey is your own and is to be respected and embraced, not only by yourself but by others whom you choose to walk with.

Delighting in the mind of a child ... one color at a time

My Page a Day

Creative Life Coaching for parents who desire to understand the genius of their child while having fun with artistic activities and ColorBooks.