Why I Sometimes Use Graphic Recording During Coaching Sessions

Did you know that there is a 65% higher retention in regards to information delivered or uncovered during sessions, with a graphic recording?

Graphic recording from an actual session
Graphic recording from an actual session

Periodically, I run into a client that is overwhelmed with their own vision, or they feel that they have many visions and ideas and they don’t know where to begin. 

As I coach (usually over the phone), I am sketching the responses, thoughts and answers of the client with cartoons, metaphors, symbols, keywords and phrases that repeat themselves for the purpose of creating a type of visual mind map. Sometimes we are so close to our own thoughts, we can become overwhelmed by our own ideas – especially if you are a strong Creative!

By seeing visually, what you are conceiving internally, you’re able to identify key components, obstacles, and internal motivations.  

Graphic recording is a powerful tool when you are stuck or need a mind map to create your strategy towards your next goal. 

After our session, the recording is scanned, and then sent to you as an image that you can print to put on your wall, or keep as a wallpaper on your digital device.

Use Graphic Recording During Coaching Sessions!

Available for group coaching or facilitating brain storming for groups in a group coaching session.

Highly effective in clarifying and envisioning

To see and read more about graphic recording, visit my dedicated website to this topic at:


Shannon Parish, Creative Christian Life Coach

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