Pre-Frame Yourself

Without mentors and consultants …

Without education and the experiences of others …

pre-framingRepeating past mistakes and taking nose-dives in personal and business relationships keep you in a defeated and hopeless state of mind. Understanding that there isn’t a person on the planet who has it “all together” is a nice reality check.


Completed People are Healthy People

In our society, we have been categorized and targeted by labels, titles, events, and episodes.

We do this in order to understand something more fully.

Getting the big pictureIt’s fun to watch newbies draw a face. Their efforts are a great example of what focusing on one thing at a time will produce for you if you don’t periodically look at the whole.


How Can Your Partner Meet Your Needs if YOU Don’t Know Them?

Learning about who you are, what you do and why you do it, is a part of becoming a whole person.

Many of us become fractured throughout life due to the limited opinions and perceptions of others on who they think we are.

PonderingTheir feedback is filtered through their own experiences and reference points, which is why their feedback is so convincing. They EXPERIENCED something that we remind them of, so they give us feedback which will reflect whether or not that was a good experience or a negative one.