Snap Shot

Before you can set a plan in place, you need a good snapshot, or mental picture of where you want to go and what you want to accomplish.

Not all people have a solid dream or goal in mind when they first come to speak with me. They just know that they aren’t happy with their life – in what ever area that may be.

Life happens in layers.  While talking, you’ll often discover that your “ah-ha!” moment will arrive after peeling off a few of the top layers of thought.

While you talk, I’ll be drawing, listening, asking questions, clarifying and listening for patterns and key phrases.

Seeing these thoughts visually is enlightening and eye-opening.  Being able to take the visual map home with you will help you to recall thoughts and issues that you want to focus on.

Creative Visual Coaching is effective with one session or several.

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Professional Life Coach, Graphic Recorder, Creative Service Provider serving Authors, Speakers, Entrepreneurs and Nonprofits since 1997

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