Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place!

Are you stuck between a rock and a hard place? Changing the perception of where you are right now, will reveal better options in moving forward successfully and creatively. However, too many times we are so close to our situation, we just can’t see any way out.  That’s when a skilled Life Coach is just Read More

Creative Minds – Focusing On Focusing

When a creative mind is flowing with creativity, the focus becomes creating, not focusing. Focusing on creating and focusing on focusing are NOT the same activities. Just talk to any Creative who is bursting with ideas and concepts. The more they speak, the more they imagine, the bigger the vision becomes, and the more complicated Read More

5 Keys to Reframing Your Understanding of Procrastination

Have you ever become frustrated with yourself because you had an important goal in mind and for some reason, you keep finding yourself procrastinating on reaching that goal? Unfortunately, procrastinating has gotten a seriously negative “bad rap”. To procrastinate simply means to put something off. There’s nothing negative OR positive about that action. It’s just Read More