When Life Doesn’t Match Your Blueprint

Your blueprint

From the time we are little children to the time that we have grown and are raising children of our own, we are following a blueprint.

Thoughts, dreams, and desires that you have as a child is very clear. You want to be a fireman, or an actress, or an artist, or a teacher. Simple.

Frustrated WomanWhat happens to those dreams? They are rewritten with “shoulds” that come from teachers, parents, friends, movies, church, and life events that blur and then change what matters to you most into what you think it should be.

As a talker, you are told as a child to be quiet. If you were a quiet child, you were told to speak up. If you were a competitive child who was fearless and outspoken, you often were punished for your nature because it was perceived as being rebellious, or angry, when in fact you were just insightful and blunt.

Understand, that we’re talking about NATURE, not motives.  People often react to the meanings they put upon things they experience or see without actually taking the time to assess what it is that they are seeing or experiencing. Those constant misunderstandings and misinterpretations result in people telling you how you should behave, how you should feel, what you should do, and who you should be.

The reasons why this happens is not the topic of discussion for this particular post. The reason for this post is that it’s possible to change your blueprint …


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