Treasure Hunting and Rediscovering YOU

Waving his metal detector over the ground in a sweeping motion, he wasn’t sure what he’d find, but he knew that it was worth the search – just to see what turned up.

Willingly, he paid the price to methodically and intentionally search for the unknown. 

Digging for treasureNever in his wildest dreams would he have expected to uncover a valuable lost item. But if he’d never thought of looking … if he’d never thought to bring the tools necessary to carry out that search, he would have never found the unexpected which surpassed anything he could have ever imagined.  


Healing Your Self Image

What you were born with as a baby
quickly becomes shaped by the people and events around you.

Those blemishes, scratches, scars and weathering continue to appear well into adulthood.

Baby ShannonOver time, the vitality of who you were which included your dreams and expanded awareness of the world around you, becomes dull and lifeless as the stresses of your day-to-day existence wear on.


Pre-Frame Yourself

Without mentors and consultants …

Without education and the experiences of others …

pre-framingRepeating past mistakes and taking nose-dives in personal and business relationships keep you in a defeated and hopeless state of mind. Understanding that there isn’t a person on the planet who has it “all together” is a nice reality check.