Completed People are Healthy People

Healthy people

In our society, we have been categorized and targeted by labels, titles, events, and episodes.

We do this in order to understand something more fully.

Getting the big pictureIt’s fun to watch newbies draw a face. Their efforts are a great example of what focusing on one thing at a time will produce for you if you don’t periodically look at the whole.

Concentrating on one eye, then the other eye will often produce a face with an eye that is larger than the other, higher or lower, and maybe even tilted. The nose might be huge, or very tiny in proportion to the rest of the face, and the ears will be the same; off-kilter with one sticking out further than the other.

Once the newbie artist pulls back enough to see their masterpiece they’ll frown with disapproval because it wasn’t at all what they imagined. The key to drawing a masterpiece – or working on any project is to pull yourself away from the details periodically to look at the whole picture and make sure that you are still on target with your desired goal.

Our wholeness is very much like that. We can focus on going to church and praying, and doing everything that we are told to do to live a healthy life, but if we are in denial about our own negative thoughts or self-sabotaging ways, we can lean in another direction – and that is one of comparison and judgment in order to make ourselves feel better.

Working on your health and strengthening your body does no good to someone who is heartsick because they have no connection to their creator or are carrying bitterness and resentment towards someone.

Going to a therapist to work on your emotions will get you to a certain point in your recovery, but if your body is sick and you are overweight, getting the recovery that you’d like to see is nearly impossible because you just plain don’t feel good. A  sluggish, slow body will reproduce a sluggish and slow mind.

In my own journey, I’ve found this to be very true and learning how to balance work, rest, worship, health, exercise and relationships, and more, to be a continuing process of noticing and then taking action.

Planning the masterpieceTo help not only myself but others who are taking this journey, I’m posting a serious of videos that are addressing various issues. Some of these are regarding disease and cancer, while others are how to prevent or heal from these things.  As you will see by some of the comments, not everyone agrees with taking a holistic approach towards responsible living. The desire to believe in the ‘magic pill” or wand is too great. But in the end, we all reap what we sow – intentionally or unconsciously. But that is another subject for another blog post.

If you’d like to watch these videos and learn more, just click on the various keywords that apply to the information that you are seeking. Those keywords are found in the sidebar for your convenience. 

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