There is So Much More to You Than What Meets the Eye

Identity from birth

Curiosity and never-ending assumptions greeted you on the day that you were born.

Those assumptions and opinions were the basis for the feedback you received as an individual … all filtered through someone else’s perceptions.

You were noticed for how you responded to this new world, how you cried, how you studied people, how you responded to sound … touch … singing … yelling. 

People poked and prodded as they familiarized themselves with you as a tiny new bundle introduced into a world of many complexities. You .. in your simplicity and purity. 

As you began to grow, you were introduced to all kinds of people who had different opinions about you. “He’s too quiet.” “He must be shy”, “My goodness she has a big voice!” “Isn’t he the impatient one!”.  Each person you’ve met as you’ve grown up in this world has spoken into your life through their own filters and perceptions and have colored you in a favorable light – or a not so favorable light, again, depending on their experiences, beliefs, likes and dislikes, or filters.

Once you are grown, the identity that you were born with may have become a bit … shall we say … colored?

What you need to understand, is that YOU and only you, are responsible for creating the work of art that you were born to be. Perhaps your love for art itself was perceived as useless by those around you. “You can never make a living with that.”  Or perhaps your love was music … or math … and those who were around you, had no interest in those things and from their communications and reactions, you might have laid down the very thing that brought you great joy and fulfillment.  

It’s typical that the things that make life inconvenient for one person, may very well bring life to another, and in the end, we all benefit, whether we want to admit it or not.

Finding the support that you need to be the Creative individual that you were designed to be, takes time … and focused intentions. Although it is possible to do this work on your own, it’s much more effective to have the right team supporting you in your self-discovery and ‘re-creation’.

One of the greatest misconceptions regarding a Life Coach is that people may perceive us as a Counselor. What you need to know is that we work individually – or as a team … YOUR team.



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