Communication, Conversation and Listening, is a Gift

Learning how to communicate

Learning how to be a better listener, communicator, and conversationalist isn’t rocket science. The key is being curious and other-focused.

If it’s so easy, why do most of us fail so miserably at it?

Speaking to a young wife regarding her troubled marriage, she threw up her hands and said, “He never listens to me!” She determined to ask all of her friends, what their greatest frustration was in their marriages. Without surprise, they all replied, “My husband doesn’t listen to me!”

When her husband came home from his men’s meeting, she asked her husband what his friends and he, thought was the most frustrating thing about their marriages. Without hesitation, he said, “They all agree on one main thing, she doesn’t listen!”

How is it that two people, whether they are married, or are friends, or work together, can have so much to say, be so frustrated with their saying it, and constantly experience not being heard?

While viewing one of my favorite educational sites,, I heard a video that is not only delivered with excellence, it addresses in short order, what is wrong with the majority of us when it comes to conversation. Enjoy …


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