What to do when you have lost your way but are still going in the right direction … or so you think

Before you start your business, nonprofit, or any other lifetime commitment, you’re going to want to know WHY you are on that journey.

All of your ducks may be in a row, but if you don’t absolutely know WHY you put those ducks in a row and WHY you chose ducks over geese, or horses (metaphorically speaking), then you might not get the results you’re after.

It happens to all of us at one time or another. We begin a journey in business, relationship, or perhaps a vacation, and even though we’re heading in the right direction, nothing feels right.

Ever been there? Your What is in place. You’re building a business. Your Who is in place. You fell in love. Your How is in place because you’ve taken classes and read all the books, made investments, obtained investors and yet … something is missing and it’s definitely not working like you had hoped.

Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action by Simon Sinek is one of the most articulate and insightful books on the subject of why companies and people are failing at the things they are attempting to do.

When you are searching for answers, you need tools. The books that I read, that I find helpful and insightful, will be shared in blog posts like this one.


As a Creative Life Coach and service provider, I’ve found this to be the reason that brings clients to me, and why I’m successful in helping them turn around their “nightmares”. Is it because I’m so smart? (That could be one reason) But most likely, it’s because I know my WHY.

I LOVE helping people find the gold in their dirt piles and rubble, and in helping them to make sense of the past, recover from those nightmares and then move forward with their dreams.

The voices that we hear from experts tell us methods and strategies of what to do, where to do it, how to do it when to do it, but they can’t tell us WHY we do it. Only we know why we do what we do.

Here’s a secret – if you aren’t getting the results that you thought you’d get, it’s possible that you don’t know your why. We will always get what we INTEND to get. If we aren’t clear about our intentions (our WHY) then we will default to counterfeit means to get that WHY satisfied.

Call me if you want to talk further about finding your why and helping you to move forward with your dream. In the meantime, do yourself a huge favor and get this book.  There are many examples, large and small to help you visualize why this is so important. 

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