5 Keys to Reframing Your Understanding of Procrastination

Have you ever become frustrated with yourself because you had an important goal in mind and for some reason, you keep finding yourself procrastinating on reaching that goal?

Unfortunately, procrastinating has gotten a seriously negative “bad rap”. To procrastinate simply means to put something off.

There’s nothing negative OR positive about that action. It’s just a statement saying that something is being put off.


There is So Much More to You Than What Meets the Eye

Curiosity and never-ending assumptions greeted you on the day that you were born.

Those assumptions and opinions were the basis for the feedback you received as an individual … all filtered through someone else’s perceptions.

You were noticed for how you responded to this new world, how you cried, how you studied people, how you responded to sound … touch … singing … yelling. 


Unexpected Gifts During Holiday Disasters and Stress

Noticing the events, activities, conversations, and experiences during the Holidays brings unexpected gifts.

Perceptions determine the value of the gift received and determines the depth of the lessons we will receive.

Facebook offers a unique bird’s-eye view of many people, from all walks of life, during the holidays. Recently I noticed that the posts which mention dread, or problematic experiences that range from unexpected deaths to unexpected relatives, have greatly out-numbered those posts which are filled with Christmas cheer and gratitude.