Noticing the Puppet Strings that Drive Your Decisions

Burning moneyMarketing pushes during the holiday seasons amplify already stressed and pressed thoughts regarding family, friends, finances and life.

Keen advertisers play on fear–because it sells. 

“If you don’t buy this toothpaste, you will have bad breath and no one will love you. Not to mention that your teeth will be nasty and yellow …” the TV advertisement blares.  To whom is this ad focused? On those who are single and afraid they will remain that way and to those who desire to advance in the workplace. Notice who the target audience is and how each advertisement, for the same product, is tweaked so that it triggers those fear emotions.


Wait! That’s Not What I Signed Up For!

When I was a young girl, my dreams and expectations were magical and full of grandeur.

During the lazy days of summer before electronics and cell phones, I relished the simplest of moments.

Excited anticipationLaying on the cool green grass of Colorado, I’d look up in the sky and watch the animals, angels, and faces floating above me in the fluffy white clouds overhead.