Exploring Your Personality and the Personalities Around You

Our personality differences

Everyone one of us has a unique personality and approach to life.

There are common patterns and differences …

Before we get into this, stop and take a personality test to discover your own differences with those around you! Here’s a website with a list of free personality tests that you can take that will help you to identify your personality type.

Celebrate those areas that you find appealing, and for those areas that you see a need for improvement … set it as a goal to improve! 

How do you improve? By noticing the mental dialog that is running through your mind and the meanings that you apply to events or interactions with the world and people around you.

What if you aren’t sure how to do that, or which ones are the ones that you need to work on first? Getting good, honest feedback from someone you trust is a great start. However, even people you know, may not know how to ask the right questions without wanting to just ‘fix’ your problem based upon their own opinions and experiences.

Investing in yourself by hiring a Life Coach to coach you forward and sort through the road blocks that are preventing you from moving forward is not the same thing as counseling. It is engaging a trained professional who can guide you with the right questions and insights that come from deep listening and not personal opinion. 

The difference between a counselor and a coach is that a coach helps you to move forward in life, while a counselor helps you to unravel the past. 


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