Are You Coachable?

Coaching is for people who are tired of where they are, and they want to move forward in life.

Coaching is invaluable in business, or in personal life.

Its nearly impossible to make the progress we want to make with only our own minds, experiences and self defeating thoughts leading the way. Hiring a coach is an intelligent and effective way to move forward in many areas. However, there are some things that you want to evaluate to see if you are ready for coaching.


Exploring Your Personality and the Personalities Around You

Boy with personalityEveryone one of us has a unique personalty and approach to life.

There are common patterns and differences …

Before we get into this, stop and take a personality test to discover your own differences with those around you! Here’s a website with a list of free personality tests that you can take that will help you to identify your personality type.

Celebrate those areas that you find appealing, and for those areas that you see a need for improvement … set it as a goal to improve!