Before You Throw Away that Dream About Writing a Book, Consider This …

Writing a book

From time to time, I like to get out of the office and head to someplace different to work. Working from home is nice, but sometimes, a person just needs to get out in the sunshine and be reminded of the ‘real world’ outside of our own surroundings.

My choice location today is one of my favorites. The library that is connected to a local community college that offers private rooms that can be checked out for a couple of hours, is ideal for not only privacy, but for those times when my computer needs to be locked up while I check out something beyond my desk and work space.

Man carrying booksIt was on one of these quick isle jaunts that I found myself marveling at all of these books … all of these words …. all of the authors behind each book and each topic. What would our world be like if each author had decided that they weren’t “good enough” to write about what they were passionate about?

That’s just a thought from this library … in this state … in this country. Now add all the libraries, in all the states, in all the countries … in all the world … and imagine what it would be like if each person had decided not to write their book.

Close your eyes and picture a library, walk through the isles in your mind, look at all of the different sizes, colors and topics that line shelf after shelf … Now imagine all of that vanishing. You are now standing in a parking lot … just imagine that.

Did you know that to not give from what you are passionate about or to share what you know, because you are unsure whether or not you are ‘good enough’ is a selfish judgment?

A decision like this comes from judgment. Judgments against others that come back onto you. The fear of being judged or criticized is what we are really resisting when we have a desire to do something great … but resist.

Man with his head in his handsYears ago, my teenage son, who had been struggling with low self esteem (like the rest of us) came to me and said, “You know what Mom? Low self esteem is just an excuse!”

His words were profound. He went on, “If I say that I’m not good enough to do something, it’s just an excuse for me to feel sorry for myself and not be responsible to do what I said I wanted to do. I look noble saying I want to do it … but I really don’t intend to do it, so I use my low self esteem as an excuse.”

I was stunned.  

There are other excuses that make more sense than not feeling important enough or qualified enough to not write a book.  But they too can be addressed.  If you don’t have a problem with what I’ve already mentioned, but you have thought of writing a book and have resisted it for one of these reasons … 

I can’t write …  (hire a ghost writer)

It needs to be edited … (hire an editor)

I am not sure where to begin … (hire a coach)

I don’t have enough money … (ever heard of crowdfunding?) 

I don’t know anyone else who is writing a book … (find a writing community where you can learn about and find all of these resources and more)

Before you can breakthrough to your dream and make it a realization and not just a passing wish … you must tell yourself the truth, inventory what you already have in the way of knowledge, support, talent and skill sets, and then identify where you are, and where you want to be.

As a Creative Coach, I understand this process as a creative individual with a million and one idea … and as a professionally trained coach. No question is too small or too “dumb” to be asked. It’s just a question.

Where do you want to go? Let’s get you there …

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