The Magic in Wonder and The Authenticity of Being You

The Magic of being YOU

baby-faceNature constantly speaks to us a very simple message of authenticity. 

Yet man, in his ever present ego, will fall prey to comparisons and the attempt to create something ‘greater than’ himself.

Yet each individual person … you, my friend … were born an original. 

Think about this … Throughout all time, no one has existed as you exist now. Who you are, how you think … all of that is uniquely you. The tendency to think little of yourself or to compare yourself with others is actually something that is taught to you. learn by watching and emulating lives displayed in front of them. Whether it is from T.V., their parents, their siblings, teachers or others that are met on a daily basis. The question is always … “Who am I? Who will love me? Why am I here?”

What is missing is the gift of WONDER. The wonder of how each of us is so different from the next. How one thinks through complicated mathematical equations or how another strokes paint upon a canvas, while yet another leaps from buildings with the grace and ease of an acrobat. Others may try to work the math, they may even learn it – eventually, but it may not be ‘natural’ to them. Another may try their hand at brushing color on canvas in the hopes that a masterpiece will appear before their eyes, but to no avail because they do not see what the master artist sees … before he or she begins to paint. And another may try to leap over a building because they watched a master and then find themselves broken in a crumpled mess because they misjudged a distance – unlike the master, who flies through the air, aware of everything and every possibility.

Nature doesn’t need to explain herself. She is … she creates at the most microscopic level … each with it’s purpose and wonder. 

The next time you look in the mirror, wonder and marvel at the unique person who looks back at you. Look for what is good … not for what is wrong. If you need some help getting into the mood to wonder or if you’ve forgotten how, this marvelous video that was shared with me, will get you in a place of wonder in less than five minutes.

Enjoy! And Emulate … 

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