The Magic in Wonder and The Authenticity of Being You

baby-faceNature constantly speaks to us a very simple message of authenticity. 

Yet man, in his ever present ego, will fall prey to comparisons and the attempt to create something ‘greater than’ himself.

Yet each individual person … you, my friend … were born an original. 

Think about this … Throughout all time, no one has existed as you exist now. Who you are, how you think … all of that is uniquely you. The tendency to think little of yourself or to compare yourself with others is actually something that is taught to you. 


Pre-Frame Yourself

Without mentors and consultants …

Without education and the experiences of others …

pre-framingRepeating past mistakes and taking nose-dives in personal and business relationships keep you in a defeated and hopeless state of mind. Understanding that there isn’t a person on the planet who has it “all together” is a nice reality check.