How Can Your Partner Meet Your Needs if YOU Don’t Know Them?

Learning about who you are, what you do and why you do it, is a part of becoming a whole person.

Many of us become fractured throughout life due to the limited opinions and perceptions of others on who they think we are.

PonderingTheir feedback is filtered through their own experiences and reference points, which is why their feedback is so convincing. They EXPERIENCED something that we remind them of, so they give us feedback which will reflect whether or not that was a good experience or a negative one.


Why Being SHY is a Gift and Not a Curse

Being an Introvert is not a bad thing.

Those who overlook Introverts are missing out!

Not at all shyI’m an extrovert/introvert.  I get a lot of energy by being around people and talking to them. I love speaking, and teaching, and being the center of attention, BUT … I also love seclusion and quiet. I am comfortable being in the spotlight or being behind the scenes. What matters most to me is what people are receiving. 


It May Not Be What You Think

Funny how changing our perception … will change what we think … and in turn, change what we think we are seeing!

PerceptionThe love and trust of son and father is obvious in this photo, yet something appears to be terribly wrong. How is it that this tiny baby has so much strength to support the full weight of his father?